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Style and Elegance: Different Ways to Flaunt a Wedding Saree

26 Apr 2024 0 Comments
Style and Elegance: Different Ways to Flaunt a Wedding Saree

Wedding sarees are the epitome of grace and charm, symbolizing the grandeur and traditions of Indian weddings. The way you style your wedding saree can elevate your entire bridal ensemble and make you look like a true ethereal beauty. From draping techniques to accessorizing, there are various ways to style a wedding saree that cater to different tastes and preferences. In this easy-to-read blog, we will explore different ways to style your wedding saree, focusing on exquisite varieties like Paithani, Kanchipuram, Banarasi silk, Venkatagiri Pattu, and Ikkat sarees. So, let's embark on a journey of bridal elegance.

1. Traditional Nivi Style:

The traditional Nivi draping style is a timeless choice for wedding sarees. It involves pleating the saree and tucking it at the waist, with the pallu draped over the shoulder. This style works beautifully with opulent wedding sarees like Paithani, Kanchipuram, and Banarasi silk sarees. Opt for elaborate pleats and let the intricately woven borders and motifs shine.

2. Royal Maharashtrian Nauvari Style:

If you're a Maharashtrian bride or want to embrace a regal look, the Nauvari draping style is perfect. It involves draping the saree like a dhoti, creating a distinctive silhouette. The pallu is worn in a V shape on the front, and the remaining fabric is draped over the shoulder. This style pairs exquisitely with Paithani sarees, known for their rich silk fabric and traditional motifs.

3. Bengali Style:

The Bengali draping style is known for its artistic pleats and the pallu draped over the left shoulder. This style beautifully complements Banarasi silk sarees, with their intricate brocade work and gold zari. The pleats are wide and positioned at the center, enhancing the grandeur of the saree. Adorn your hair with a traditional Bengali headpiece, like a mukut or tiara, to complete the look.

4. Gujarati Style:

For a touch of Gujarati charm, opt for the Gujarati draping style. This style involves pleating the saree pallu at the back and bringing it forward over the right shoulder. The pallu is then draped in a circular motion, creating a graceful look. This style pairs well with Venkatagiri Pattu sarees, which feature delicate designs and intricate threadwork.

5. Contemporary Fusion Drapes:

If you prefer a modern twist to your wedding saree, consider fusion draping styles. You can experiment with draping the saree like a gown or pairing it with a crop top and a belt for a trendy and unconventional look. This style works well with lightweight silk sarees like Banarasi georgette or soft silk sarees. Play with different draping styles to find a fusion look that suits your personality and style.

Accessorizing Tips:

When it comes to accessorizing your wedding saree, keep in mind the opulence and grandeur of the occasion. Choose statement jewelry pieces such as elaborate necklaces, chandelier earrings, and maang tikas. Opt for traditional gold or Kundan jewelry to complement the richness of the saree. Complete your ensemble with embellished clutch bags and high heels that match your saree's color palette.


Styling a wedding saree is a beautiful opportunity to showcase your personal style and embrace the richness of Indian traditions. Whether you prefer traditional draping styles like Nivi, Bengali, or Gujarati, or want to experiment with contemporary fusion looks, there are endless possibilities to make your wedding saree shine. Choose from stunning varieties like Paithani, Kanchipuram, Banarasi silk, Venkatagiri Pattu, and Ikkat sarees, and let your creativity flow as you style your bridal ensemble. Explore a wide range of wedding sarees online, and with the right draping style and accessories, become the epitome of grace and elegance on your special day.


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